a studio in the Perth hills


A liitle bit of history about the TANK...


The TANK was originally a concrete water tank, originally built to serve as Roleystone's water reservoir. It is 14m diameter with 8inch thick concrete walls, poured in situ.


As the population of Roleystone grew, so did the town's demand for water. A new tank and pumping station was built, leaving the old tank un-used.

The local fire brigade moved in and converted the TANK into a club house. After a great many years, the brigade eventually moved to a new building on Jarrah Road, and the old water tank went to public sale in 2001.


Installing the ceiling

Building the internal walls

Dave Nolan and family bought the TANK shortly after in 2001. The Nolans lived in the Tank for a couple of years while the their resident house was being built.


In 2005 the TANK began its transformation into a studio.



The kitchen

Salvage yards were goldmines for double glazed windows, fire doors, bricks and wood.


The ceiling came from a gymnasium.


The sound proof doors were from MOJOS night club, an iconic breeding ground for Perth’s band scene.

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